Briefly in English

Vaasan Taekwondo is a WTF style taekwondo club.  It was founded by grandmaster Dae Jin Hwang in 1984. Today Vaasan Taekwondo is a registered association, nonprofit and based on volunteer work. 

Taekwondo trained in the club can be labelled as “all-around taekwondo”. In other words, it aims to provide all the essential elements of taekwondo such as kibon (basic techniques), poomsae (forms), hosinsul (self-defense), kyupka (breaking) and kyorogi (sparring).  Back in the days Vaasan Taekwondo has trained many national and international level fighters, today however more emphasis is put on realistic self-defense.

Vaasan Taekwondo welcomes anyone to train in the club despite of their background, nationality or mother tongue. It has constantly members and visitors from other countries and all the instructors are used to use English in instructing.  At this moment there’s no new beginners course in sight but that is not a problem. New beginners can join the training sessions non-stop just by walking in. All you need to start is a pair of track pants, t-shirt and a will to learn. You can enroll beforehand but that is not compulsory. Training fees will be discussed only after few weeks when the person has determined to join the club.

From this link you can find Vaasan Taekwondo ry’s beginner’s guide, which contains basic information about TKD and practicing it in our club.


Trainings for all groups will start Sunday 3rd of September!

Training sessions and fees (Adults +13 yrs):

Training fee 65€ per training season.

Training sessions and fees (Juniors 6-12 yrs):

Training fee 50€ per training season. New junior beginner’s first season 80€ (inc. TKD-uniform)